Software Development

Custom solutions, troubleshooting, third-party software optimization

Helm und Walter is your experienced partner for the development of customized software applications and the maintenance of existing individual software.

We know that software must not only be developed, but also maintained to ensure the proper daily business of your company.

Application Development

Future-proof applications that push your business forward

Our mission is to prevent your company from downtime and to enhance the efficiency of your software applications.

Time is money, so it is important to us to offer fast and effective solutions to get your application up and running faster. Trust Helm & Walter to maintain the quality and performance of your customized software and minimize the risk of downtime. We are also your competent partner in the development of new software applications to ensure that your IT solutions always meet the requirements of your business.

Our IT professionals are specialists in identifying, analyzing and quickly rectifying software errors. We use state-of-the-art tools and established methods to ensure the stability and performance of your software.

However, our expertise does not stop there. We are at our best when things get complex. Even with the most challenging problems and in cases where other development agencies refuse, we are committed to finding solutions and getting your application back in perfect shape.


  • Vue.js
  • Spring
  • Angular
  • Node

Our Team

Our application development experts always work collaboratively and across projects, both within the company and with our customers and their technical contacts, to develop and maintain your customized software applications. In an agile development process, we count on communication with a contact person who is specifically available to you.

Dr. Ing. Jens Bornschein

Blog Articles on Application Development

How to tune the integrated SW5 mechanism to work more then 22 times faster! Shopware 5 - parallel thumbnail generation after moving a Shopware 5 system to another server. We had a customer with 400k images and 1600k thumbnails that needed to move from an old HDD based server to a new SSD …
April 29, 2021
Bernd Helm

Mobile Apps

Mobile App Development - Experience in iOS, Android & Cross-Platform Apps

The Colorful World of Apps: Various Implementation Methods at a Glance

Native Apps

Whether Apple or Android, we develop powerful apps perfectly tailored to your preferred operating system, offering a high degree of security and user-friendliness.

Web Apps

We develop user-friendly applications that run on all end devices. Due to a well-thought-out and responsive design, our applications are able to offer a great user experience, whether on a smartphone, tablet, or desktop devices.

Hybrid App

Our hybrid apps combine the best of both worlds - native and web-based technologies. These apps offer high performance and user-friendliness, regardless of the platform. They are cost-effective to develop and to maintain. With a single source of code, you can publish your app for multiple operating systems and reach a wider target group.

Cross-Platform Apps

With our cross-platform apps, we ensure that your application works perfectly on different operating systems such as iOS or Android. By using the latest development frameworks, we provide a consistent and uniform user experience while reducing development time and costs. Your app will perform perfectly on all devices.


  • Android
  • Flutter
  • Vue.js
  • Xcode

Our Team

Our mobile app experts work closely with coworkers, clients and their technical contacts across projects. In our agile development process, we place great emphasis on smooth communication and generally provide a dedicated contact person to ensure that your mobile app requirements are always met.

Robert Schwabe



Our Services

Servers and Hosting

Servers and Hosting

As a full-stack IT service provider, we not only provide the necessary server infrastructure, but also offer a comprehensive range of support for the operation and upgrading of your existing content management systems (CMS), such as Kirby or WordPress, to enable easy content management of your website. In addition, we can help you with the connection, commissioning and customization of your e-commerce system. Our customers have repeatedly confirmed the priceless advantage of our comprehensive service:

Creating and enhancing custom software solutions precisely designed to meet your specific needs.

Comprehensive support throughout the entire process to ensure seamless implementation.

Provision of a robust cloud server infrastructure to run your applications.

Reliable infrastructure support from experts for the optimal matching of technical system components.

Blog Articles about Servers and Hosting

Most of the best BTRFS features are powered by the copy-on-write technology. If an application wants to rewrite a part of a file, like the first MB, the Data is not written in-place but in an so-called extend. This enables BTRFS to keep multiple versions of partially rewritten files with only claiming ...
October 21, 2020
Bernd Helm
How to resolve selected domains over VPN on linux. In today's world, more people than ever use VPN services to work from remote. However, in some cases it's not desirable to route all traffic and all domain name resolutions over the VPN connection.
April 21, 2022
Bernd Helm



Our customers often require the integration, gathering and processing of complex data. This requires the use of database systems. We also develop an appropriate solution for larger data loads where conventional databases reach their performance limitations.

For efficient data management and performance enhancement of your SQL database, we offer you:

Consultation on ColumnStore and database optimization.

Installation, operation, and system updates of database systems.

Migration of existing applications to ColumnStore.

Automated processing of data as an efficient alternative to conventional CronJobs.

Blog Articles about Databases

next-gen backup with BTRFS snapshots for root-fs and databases linux. What it is good for. This article is about using BTRFS snapshots as backup solution, usable for databases and full root partition backups. This is not a detailed step-by-step guide and requires some linux skills. This post aims to share my experiences and save …
September 6, 2017
Bernd Helm


  • Apache
  • Docker
  • GitLab
  • Portainer
  • Sentry
  • Zabbix

Our Team

Our Dev-Ops experts always work across projects both within the company and with our customers and their technical contacts to develop or maintain your customized IT applications. We ensure communication with a dedicated contact person in our agile development processes.

Bernd Helm

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