We are the saviors of your custom software, bold pioneers in the AI world, and experts in Shopware, application development, and mobile app development.

Our Services


As an IT service provider, Helm & Walter supports you with years of experience in the field of programming and software development. We specialize in solving very complex and technically challenging problems.

Consulting (strategic AI consulting)

Helm & Walter accompanies you through all phases of software development, with IT consulting playing a central role. Together with you, we analyze the initial situation and plan the strategy to develop the optimal software solution.

We understand the challenges of replacing existing software in companies. Therefore, we prefer to rely on tailor-made solutions that are seamlessly integrated into your existing systems. Discover untapped potential for optimization with us!

Software Development

Our developers work with professional frameworks, libraries, plugins, and programming languages to realize powerful software. This avoids unnecessary and possibly costly re-development of program parts.

We are a member of the Clean-Code-Developer initiative for more professionalism in software development, work with agile development methods, and rely on the latest technologies.

Problem Solving

Whether it's optimizing existing systems, solving compatibility problems, or implementing new technologies - we are your experts. Let's tackle the problems together and develop innovative solutions after thorough analysis that make your business processes more efficient and future-proof.

Your IT security is particularly important to us, to offer you the best possible advice, we need access to your program code. Trust our expertise!

Takeover of Existing Projects

Your company depends on outdated custom software, the original developer is no longer available, and the documentation is insufficient? We are here to help! Our team specializes in the development, updating, and expansion of customized business solutions. We carefully consider whether an update or a new development is the better choice for your company, depending on what is most economically profitable.

Focus Areas

Agile software development made to measure

Our teams of experts always work closely with colleagues, our customers and their technical contacts across projects. In an agile development process, we usually rely on communication with a contact person who is permanently available to you.

Application Development

We offer individual solutions, effective problem solving, and optimization of third-party software.

Mobile Apps

With extensive experience in iOS, Android, and cross-platform apps, we create innovative solutions.


Efficient development, seamless deployment, and reliable operation - all from one source.


Your partner on the way to intelligent, efficient business management through the use of artificial intelligence.


Experts for high-performance database solutions, analysis tools, business intelligence, and data warehousing

Real-Time Critical Data

Here we convince with successful solutions: fast data evaluations for decision-making processes and synchronization of user requests in competitive systems

Frontend and Backend - Fullstack

Our full-stack developers combine the best of both worlds: frontend and backend development. From designing appealing user interfaces to seamlessly integrating complex backend systems, we offer a comprehensive range of services.

On the one hand, there is the view or the user interface (User Interface / UI) that users get to see - the frontend, also referred to as "client-side". Ideally, this is attractively and functionally designed and is characterized by good usability and a pleasant user experience (UX). Technologies that can be used to generate, display, and interact with this outwardly presented user interface are referred to as frontend technologies.

Single-Page Applications and Frameworks

With the help of scripting languages, such as JavaScript or TypeScript, web pages and web applications can be completely dynamically generated. This means that not only is an HTML page loaded, which is then modified using JavaScript. Instead, a large part of the HTML of the website itself is initially generated and then further modified using the scripts. The information about what should be displayed is requested as a simple data stream (for example, as a list of texts) from a server. In the browser itself, the actual website with its functions is then created from this information. Because in such application cases no obvious reloading of the website, for example with a new or extended web address (URL), is necessary, one speaks of a Single-Page-Application (SPA) - i.e. a complex and dynamic web application (Web-App), which is accessible under a single web address. This can then also be delivered as an independent cross-platform app.

There are a number of libraries (frameworks) that support programmers in creating such SPAs and Web Apps and thus offer a kind of standardization. The basic approach is often the same: for different program states (states) corresponding input masks or displays are defined (views) which, composed of various components (components) - e.g. menu bars, forms, text boxes etc. - form the entire application surface.

The backend, or the Server-Side, is the part of a program or application that is not directly intended for external presentation, but deals with the management, evaluation, and work on the data itself and sometimes does not even provide a visualization of this data. However, it does provide the basis for the functionalities and thus the basis for the frontend.

Dev-Ops Server Infrastructure and Operation

The basis for many applications is web servers. Helm & Walter IT-Solutions specializes in the implementation of distributed systems, cloud services, and web applications (Web Apps). We mainly rely on a Linux-based cloud server infrastructure, which offers us and our customers a high degree of flexibility and failure safety. For the management, setup, and adaptation of these servers, we rely on a variety of the latest technologies. This allows us not only to secure the operation of your (web) server-based application but also to design development and test environments flexibly and realistically. This in turn reduces the risks of later deployment to a minimum.

  • Linux Server Operating System
  • Apache HTTP Server Web Server
  • Docker Container Virtualization
  • Kubernetes Deployment and Scaling of container-based applications
  • Zabbix Network Monitoring
  • Sentry Application and Error Monitoring


Database and Data Basis


Standard database system on most web servers


Database system with possibilities for more performant queries



Laravel is a new and very powerful php framework that is continuously being expanded in its function by many additional projects. Furthermore, it offers developers extensive support, which can shorten the development times of IT projects.


Symfony is also a php framework or a program library that provides functions and components for recurring tasks and problems in php programs and thus can shorten development times and help avoid errors.


FastAPI is a modern, fast (hence the name "Fast") and easy-to-use framework for developing APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) in Python. It was developed to maximize the performance of APIs without neglecting user-friendliness.


Shopware 6 is an e-commerce platform developed to make it easier for online retailers to create and manage online stores. It is the latest version of the Shopware series and brings a wealth of new features and improvements.


AI-based algorithms can derive complex correlations from orthogonal data that would otherwise be time-consuming to obtain using a great deal of specialist knowledge and experience, or are even invisible to the human eye.