Proper CHROOT in rescue mode using arch-chroot

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April 17, 2020


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Most Sysadmins know how to set up a basic chroot on a mounted filesystem (mount-binding dev, proc and sys) but this does not work in any case; for a complete chroot setup you would aso need dev/pts dev/shm, run, tmp, a working resolve.conf and more. After you have set it up, and you want to bring it down, you have to do a lot of typing again. But wait! There is a better solution.

There is a script called arch-chroot shipped with the Archlinux distribution, but it is not limited to be run with Archlinux. It works on any linux distri!

For your convenience, I have created a gist for you. You can also use the Direct download link for wget.

you can install it like this:

chmod +x
./ -h

Using this script, I was able to install grub without getting errors like:

grub-install: error: cannot find a device for /boot/grub (is /dev mounted?).
grub-probe: error: cannot find a device for / (is /dev mounted?).

If you are looking for a perfect rescue system, i recommend the archlinux install image; it contains the arch-chroot script, all low level tools needed to format hard drives and even supports mounting of ntfs read-write and accessing samba shares.

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