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February 21, 2024


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What is this?

This wrapper serves as a simple and cost-effective bridge that translates calls from the Amazon Marketplace Web Service (MWS) API to Selling Partner (SP) API calls. It was specifically developed for customers with outdated systems and limited budgets, for whom a complete redevelopment of the Amazon interface would be economically unfeasible. The wrapper allows these customers to continue their business even after the MWS interface is discontinued.

Technically, the project is based on a Docker container that functions as a web server. This server receives MWS API calls, translates them into SP API calls, and converts the responses from the SP API back into the format of the MWS API.

The idea for this wrapper originated from a proof of concept, with the aim to verify whether the interfaces are sufficiently similar to enable a direct translation. Despite concerns that the devil might be in the details, the calls proved to be relatively simple to translate. It was only necessary to adjust some feed names and occasionally make two API calls to gather all the necessary information. Overall, the project has been surprisingly trouble-free.


Interested? The project has been published as open-source on GitHub: Amazon-MWS-SP-API-Wrapper. This offer is aimed at developers who also see the wrapper approach as the most efficient solution and want to contribute to the open-source community.

If you need support integrating it into your application or if adjustments or extensions to the wrapper are necessary, we are happy to help. Since the wrapper is currently used by only a limited number of customers, it covers only part of the possible API calls and parameters and is by no means a "complete solution".

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