Learn more about the seamless integration of Shopware with your backend system

Helm & Walter is also your reliable partner for the seamless integration of Shopware into your backend system. Efficiency is our top priority and we understand the importance of a smooth connection between your e-commerce store and your backend.

Our services

Customized integration
We can adapt the backend connection specifically to the requirements of your company and your Shopware instance.
Efficient data processing
Our solutions are designed to improve the performance and efficiency of your Shopware platform, especially when processing products, orders and customer information.
We understand how important it is that your Shopware backend connection can keep pace with your growing e-commerce business. We offer scalable solutions that adapt to your changing requirements.
Security and reliability
The security of your data and the availability of your online store are our top priority. Our solutions are designed to be robust and reliable.

Our team

Our team of Shopware experts always work closely with colleagues, our customers and their technical contacts across projects. In an agile development process, we usually rely on communication with a contact person who is permanently available to you.